Gulfhawk II

Gulfhawk II

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Gulfhawk II Gulfhawk II Download
Gulfhawk II Download
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Gulfhawk II


Flight Simulator X, FSX: Steam Edition, Prepar3D v1 bis v4

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 This custom-built 1930s biplane, sponsored by the Gulf Oil Company for demonstration flights and aerobatic displays, features a beautifully detailed 1,000 hp Wright Cyclone engine complete with a choice of electric or cartridge starts and a stereo sound set.

The aircraft also features superb exterior detailing, an accurately animated virtual cockpit with cockpit sounds for knobs, switches and levers, realistic flight dynamics, many unique animations and a configuration panel.


In the 1930s the Grumman Aircraft Company was looking for ways to promote its new line of fast bi-plane fighter-bombers, so in 1936 an F3F-1 was specially modified for high-stress manoeuvring and aerobatics, and equipped with a 1,000hp Wright Cyclone engine.

The standard F3F-1 of the period had a two-blade propeller but the new aircraft was fitted with a three-blade Hamilton Standard propeller of 9ft diameter. With this power plant on board the aircraft could achieve speeds of close to 300 mph and could climb at 2,000 feet per minute. Impressive performance for 1936!

Delivered to the Gulf Oil Company, the aeroplane was flown extensively by Major Al Williams, Gulf’s chief test pilot, to demonstrate the new techniques employed in tactical dive-bombing. Dubbed ‘Gulfhawk II’, the aircraft and its pilot toured the USA and Europe demonstrating high-speed aerobatics and precision flying.

In 1943, the duo was requested by General ‘Hap’ Arnold to make a three-month tour of US airfields to demonstrate airmanship and precision flying. The aircraft made its last demonstration flight in 1948 before being retired to the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. The glossy, brightly painted orange machine still hangs there as a reminder of those barnstorming days.

The F3F-1 evolved into the F3F-3 and became the Navy’s last biplane fighter. It was used to train many of the young pilots destined to become aces in the Second World War.

  • All new hi-fidelity model with superb detail including modelled rivets and overlapping panels
  • Beautifully detailed nine-cyclinder Wright Cyclone engine
  • Brilliant stereo sound pack includes the ‘stutter start’ of the big Cyclone radial
  • Many unique animations include vibrating exhausts and authentic gear retraction
  • Authentic animated VC
  • Accurate flight dynamics
  • Fully detailed and animated cockpit in exterior model
  • Cockpit sounds such as switches, knobs and levers
  • ‘Sunsplinter’ effects on Perspex
  • In-game options - configuration panel allows for seat height adjustment and view angles in the VC and the removal of the pilot when on the ground
  • Choice of electric or cartridge starts
  • PDF manual

System Requirements:

  • Flight Simulator X (Acceleration, Gold, Steam Edition or SP2 required) or Prepar3D v1/v2/v3/v4)
  • 3.0GHz or any Dual Core
  • 2.0GB RAM
  • 512MB graphics card
  • Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • 240MB hard drive space
  • Download size: 84MB